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“Krissy’s Story”  is the incredible story of my late sister, Krissy, as told by our mother.  Mom’s moving account of her loving daughter has prompted new awareness and has resulted in new organ donations.

This PSA has been named the winner of a National Telly Award.

“The eyes are the mirror to the soul.  So I’m seeing my great-granddaughter through Krissy’s eyes.”

Rosemarie Beedy, on receiving a cornea transplant from her late daughter, Krissy.

You can register to become an organ and tissue donor here.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is a longtime advocate of organ donations.  Each year, his “Life Goes On” initiative produces a new Public Service Announcement.  The goal is to encourage participation in registration for organ donations.

Organ Donations Photo from PSA

We responded to the Illinois Secretary of State’s request for proposals because we had witnesses first-hand the power of organ donation through our sister’s final wish, and our mother’s subsequent cornea transplant.

In the years since Krissy’s passing, my mother has watched Krissy’s daughter get married.  Today, she beams as she holds her two great grand daughters.

She is experiencing the joys of life through her late daughter’s eyes.

Project Details

Client : Illinois Secretary of State
Skills : TV Spots/PSA's
Address : http://www.lifegoeson.com

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