Organ Donations February 2, 2019

“Krissy’s Story”  is the incredible story of my late sister, Krissy, as told by our mother.  Mom’s moving account of her loving daughter has prompted new awareness and has resulted in new organ donations. This PSA has been named the winner of a National Telly Award. “The eyes are the mirror to the soul.  So I’m seeing my great-granddaughter through Krissy’s eyes.” Rosemarie Beedy, on receiving a cornea transplant from her late daughter, Krissy. You can register to become an organ…

Actor Jason Beghe PSA April 6, 2018

Actor Jason Beghe, who plays Sgt. Hank Voight on NBC’s “Chicago PD” — urges support for Chicago Police and their families. PSA for Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

Get Behind the Vest August 16, 2016

We scripted, filmed and edited Chicago Blackhawk’s Goalie Corey Crawford, as he promotes the “Get Behind the Vest” campaign.  The high-profile TV spot helps to raise awareness and funds to provide bullet-proof vests to Chicago Police Officers. Sponsored by the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

Heroin Swing Set October 1, 2015

Heroin Swing Set PSA is a national award-winning TV spot which paints a disturbing trend in teen heroin use. Challenge: How do you alert parents and police to a disturbing consequence of the heroin epidemic? Beedy Media Solution:  Film a short vignette, featuring an innocent girl doing  the unthinkable, using a swing set as a powerful metaphor of her two worlds colliding. The 30-second spot is based on a concept first conceived the Illinois State Crime Commission Executive Director Jerry Elsner,…

Fraud Alert October 1, 2015

A public Service Announcement can generate new awareness in just 30-seconds. Problem:  Every year, shady and unregistered con-artists prey on unsuspecting investors.  In some cases, life savings vanish. Solution: This :30-second TV Spot/PSA for the Illinois Secretary of State/Securities Department, makes a compelling argument for making sure your broker is licensed. Approach:  We worked with our SOS contacts to write a :30-second script.  We recruited talent for the various roles and scouted locations.  We filmed in a slow-motion format to…

Kids & Creek (PSA) July 17, 2015

Seven kids, three nets, two cameras, and one fishing pole — exploring a Du Page County river. This 30-second PSA was produced for Du Page County Stormwater Management. Through the eyes of curious kids, we gain new insight and awareness about the beauty of nature and the threat of pollution.

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