Police/Dog Encounters

“Police and Dog Encounters” gives law enforcement officer hands-on skills and information to protect themselves, the residents nearby and the dogs they encounter daily.

This ground-breaking and highly-acclaimed training series was commissioned by The National Canine Research Council.

Stacey Coleman, Executive Director, NCRC says, “In less than one hour’s viewing, an officer can acquire valuable tools that will serve him or her well in the line of duty.”

Police and Dog Encounters is being distributed nationally by the US Department of Justice COPS Office and can be accessed through the COPS Learning Portal:


Fence Exercise from Police and Dog Encounters

Challenge:  How do you reach law enforcement nationally with critical information that provides them safe, tactical options in their encounters with dogs?

Beedy Media Solution:  Working with NCRC, SHC and law enforcement and canine experts, we scripted, filmed, edited and produced Police and Dog Encounters.

This ground-breaking, five-part information series, currently being distributed nationally to all police agencies by the COPS Office of the US Department of Justice.

Winner of a National Telly Award.

Project Details

Client : National Canine Research Council
Skills : Training Video
Address : http://www.nationalcanineresearchcouncil.com

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