Product Launch November 5, 2018

Launch video for American Board of Medical Specialities, combining kinetic text, stock video and print graphics.

Business Launch February 11, 2016

In this short-form doc approach, we captured a variety of shots at this new Ravenswood golf instruction center — static, motion, glide-cam and slo-mo. New owner (my son) Chris Beedy provides excellent insight into what motivates him and his new business. With social media in mind, we created two short pieces and provided hi-re stills for his web site and Facebook page.

Product Launch October 13, 2015

We were brought in to create a splashy, yet informative product launch video for an innovative trading application “Pegasys.” Over the years, we’ve developed guiding principals on what makes a successful product launch video: Identify a problem that needs a solution. Target your message to those who need the solution. Headline product features — show how the product solves the problem. Generate some excitement – leave viewer wanting to learn more. Product Launch Video – Production Elements Pre-Production:  Working with…

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