Fraud Alert

A public Service Announcement can generate new awareness in just 30-seconds.

Problem:  Every year, shady and unregistered con-artists prey on unsuspecting investors.  In some cases, life savings vanish.

Solution: This :30-second TV Spot/PSA for the Illinois Secretary of State/Securities Department, makes a compelling argument for making sure your broker is licensed.

Approach:  We worked with our SOS contacts to write a :30-second script.  We recruited talent for the various roles and scouted locations.  We filmed in a slow-motion format to provide each scene additional weight.  We provided the client with a short list of narrators and music choice.

The result is a :30-second spot that received considerable air-time throughout Illinois in 2015 and generated new awareness about the importance of making sure financial advisors are licensed.

Project Details

Client : Illinois Secretary of State/Securities Department
Skills : TV Spots/PSA's

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