Product Launch

We were brought in to create a splashy, yet informative product launch video for an innovative trading application “Pegasys.”

Over the years, we’ve developed guiding principals on what makes a successful product launch video:

  1. Identify a problem that needs a solution.
  2. Target your message to those who need the solution.
  3. Headline product features — show how the product solves the problem.
  4. Generate some excitement – leave viewer wanting to learn more.

Pegasys Trading Software Title Page

Product Launch Video – Production Elements

Pre-Production:  Working with the company branding team, we wrote the script.  The first draft was approved with only a minor change to one phrase.  We then screened and presented several talent head shots to the client.  Next,  we conducted a search for a dynamic, tech-driven music bed.  We narrowed the list to three finalists and the client made the final music choice.  Studio space was secured and scheduled.

Filming:  For the actual filming, we utilized a motion and tracking slider to capture a high-end feel.  Our primary footage included a trader using the new software.  He  was placed at a stand-up desk in a “limbo” office setting.

Editing:  We incorporated this original studio filming with stock footage.  We incorporated key messaging in the graphics.  The goal was to create a hi-tech, visual overview.

It took three weeks from our first meeting to the delivery of the final product launch video.  Well ahead of the actual  product launch date.

The product launch video is now a central focal point to Pegasys web site home page:



Project Details

Client : Pegasys Trading Software
Skills : Web Site Video
Address : http://bigidea.pro/pegasystrading/

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