Kickstarter Splash December 5, 2019

Video delivers distinct benefits of The Light Bull — an innovative Bike Rack soon to launch on Kickstarter.

Kids & Creek July 17, 2017

Seven kids, three nets, two cameras, and one fishing pole — exploring a Du Page County river. This piece is a longer version of the 30-second PSA we produced for Du Page County Stormwater Management. Through the eyes of curious kids, we gain new insight and awareness about the beauty of nature and the threat of pollution.

Special Needs Students October 1, 2015

Southside Occupational Academy and University of Chicago Medical Center provide special needs students with more than just job-training.   These students attend a unique school, with classrooms designed for specific real-life after-school jobs.  One classroom is a small Jewel food store.  Another a coffee shop, or a custodian business. The best performing students move on, taking a bus each morning to an actual internship in the “real world.”  One of the internship programs is at University of Chicago Medical Center….

A Daughter’s Gift October 1, 2015

This remarkable story of giving is told by my mother, Rosemarie Beedy.  My late sister, Krissy, in her final moments, made a defining choice.  Krissy knew my mother needed a cornea transplant, and donated the only organ not ravaged by cancer. My mother now sees the world through the eyes of her daughter.  This moving piece was produced on behalf of the Illinois Secretary of State’s “Life Goes On” initiative. Winner of a National Tell Award.

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