Honoring The Who Serve and Protect October 13, 2015

Imagine waking up and getting ready for work, knowing there’s a chance someone is out to kill you. That’s exactly what many who serve in law enforcement face each day.

Last year, on June 14, as Ofc. Michael Wrobel and Ofc. Javier Alonso took to the street with their Gang Enforcement Team, a guy out on parole for shooting at police, grabbed his loaded guns and hopped into a car, looking for trouble.  He found it.  When his car was stopped by Ofc. Alonso and his partner, he opened fire.  There’s an incredible story of heroism in the second that followed.  The officers themselves deliver that story and the emotion of that moment with clarity and poise.

In my work as a video producer, it is always an honor to meet and interview these real-life heroes.  It’s even more gratifying to bring their stories to the public.

The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation serves our fallen heroes and officers who have suffered catastrophic injury.  We’re honored to tell the story of Ofc. Michael Wrobel and Ofc. Javier Alonso, recently honored with the CPMF Award of Valor.

David Beedy

David Beedy is a veteran video "Storyteller." A writer/producer, with a solid background in TV news, David is an accomplished, detail-oriented Project Manager; his work is concentrated in award-winning TV Spots, Web Videos, Training Videos, Documentaries and videos for Non-Profits. He's available for freelance work and project consulting.


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