An award-winning video pro you can trust with your story! David Beedy, Producer | Editor | Videographer | FAA Certified Drone Pilot

You KNOW video is a vital tool that fuels business success.

Not just ANY video -- the secret to winning is creating compelling, strategic and
effective videos.

Let me show you how to focus your message to create killer content.

Quickly. Painlessly. Consistently.

View Room David Beedy Creates Videos That Produce Results!

Services Award-winning Chicago Video Production for 30 Years!

Customer Testimonial

Our long history of award-winning storytelling excellence features a seamless blend of testimonial interviews, compelling footage and artful music.
We create an authentic, credible story that conveys your key messages for maximum impact.


Social Media

Web Video content and paid ads; compelling, credible messages that produce results and get noticed!



Stories of good intentions and how the efforts of non-profits are impacting lives in positive ways. Powerful fundraising tool!


TV Spots

Award-winning TV Spots and PSA's that cut through the clutter and create new awareness -- all in :15 or :30-seconds.


Training Video

Teaching process, while instilling company values.
Training Videos are a cost-effective and time-efficient way to improve quality-control, while boosting employee morale, and fostering a deeper culture of accountability.



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